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Pure Energy - Premium Taste

The stylish and enjoyable Pure Energy, Australia’s Super Premium organic Guarana drink, has launched into the Hong Kong energy drink market. With over 700 bars and clubs across Australia taking the product since its debut in July 2008, Pure Energy is sure to very quickly become a Hong Kong favourite.
Pure Energy comprises of Certified Organic Guarana and Ginseng, 25% less sugar than most energy drinks, and is presented in a sleek 250ml can decorated with a stylish illustration.

Pure Energy boasts a fresh, crisp and clean taste. With its underlying essence of berries and apple, this Super Premium energy drink continues to attract sophisticated palates across the country and extends to a larger age demographic than other energy drink brands with its highly developed taste profile. With it’s premium packaging and superior taste, Pure Energy is much more accessible to mature consumers, while simultaneously quenching the thirst of young adults who continue to be the (markets’) key consumers.

Pure Energy is aimed at the style conscious set who enjoy life’s luxurious necessities! At leading bars and clubs across Australia and Hong Kong, Pure Energy is served in its signature cocktail called the ‘VIP’: VODKA

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