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Foursquare Day Hong Kong

Join millions of SOCIAL MEDIA fans around the world on April 16th to celebrate 4sqDay! We are organizing a get together for everybody so you'll have the chance to meet each other in person! Perhaps that dude that keeps on ousting your mayorship isn't so bad after all... :)

You don't have to be on foursquare to be able to attend this event. If you prefer to check in via Facebook, Gowalla or other apps, you are definitely welcome to. And please feel free to invite your friends so we can unlock more deals mentioned below.

The venue is going to be at W52 Bar opposite LKF Hotel in Central. W52 has kindly agreed to the following check-in offers:

1) a free welcome drink upon check-in

2) a free round of shot to all attendees when we hit the following total check-ins: 10,20,30,40,50. That's 150 shots!! (we are counting foursquare check-ins for this unlock to make it easier to manage)

We are still negotiating with sponsors for more deals so do RSVP if you going to attend to show support! It definitely helps.

Foursquare Day is supported by the following organizations:
- W52 Restaurant and Bar (http://www.w52.com.hk/)
- StartupsHK (http://www.startupshk.com/) - A community of startups in Hong Kong

More info about 4sqdayhk:
Foursquare Day Hong Kong is an annual event and a gathering of Social Media and Foursquare fans to socialize, have fun and embrace the spirit of Foursquare. It is officially supported by Foursquare.
There will be a special badge to be unlocked on the day. We'll tell you how when you arrive. =)

More details here.

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