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Hypoxi - Design Your Body


In the land of dieting, slimming and beauty treatments comes another addition:Hypoxi. Hailing from Austria, this new and innovative way of burning fat and toning your body has taken the world by storm. And we now finally have it in Hong Kong as well!

This program uses a set of machines to encourage the reduction of fat cells and cellulite. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go in for a trial session, and must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Hong Kong studio is based in Central and is the only one of its kind in Southeast Asia for the moment.

We entered the studio, neat and functional, and were greeted by Julia and Daniel, the owners of Hypoxi Hong Kong. They explained the history and the purpose of Hypoxi, and gave us all the details we needed. Next, I headed into the changing rooms to get into my sweats and try out the program. The private changing rooms were fully equipped with showers, towels and all the other services you would need.

I was put in to a full bodysuit, and led to the first machine. This skin firming andetoxing machine (Hypoxi Dermatology ) uses a relaxing and painless treatment through pressure and vacuum effects. The process was so comfortable that it nearly put me to sleep!

Next up was the exercise machine. I was directed to a cycling machine (treadmill machine for men), which also uses a vacuum that creates a high and low pressure environment. This encouraged the blood flow around my stomach, hips and thighs while I worked out. This session lasted 30 minutes, and was a mild cycle.

The exact specifics on how both treatments work is best explained by the professionals at the studio. These guys have been trained in Austria, and are specialist in the whole procedure. They explained  the whole process to us, and had us convinced on the treatment. I can tell you that after both treatments I feltenergised, definitely a little lighter, my jeans were a little looser on me. And this only after one treatment!

As an added bonus, iPads and magazines are provided to use while you work out. The whole experience is enjoyable, relaxing and the results are visible. While I was there, we even heard a lady scream with happiness, when in just less than a month she had reached her goal and managed to loose weight in the places she wanted!

Hypoxi recommends 3 treatments per week initially, and then you can tone it down to a couple of times a month. Want to try it out? Contact the hypoxi team for a free trial!


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